When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy


In my last post I was struggling with some stress in my body and not entirely sure from where it had come. As part of removing my stress, I quit drinking a Green drink I’d been consuming for about 2 weeks. I decided to quit drinking it for 4 days to remove as much stress as possible from my body. I knew the Green drink was doing detoxing because I have an acidic diet and I was using the Green drink to get in my vegetables. Anyway, I wasn’t quitting the Green drink because I thought it was harming me. So, I did a lot of self-healing techniques during the 4 days and, by the end, I was feeling good again. I had decided the body challenges were from some energy I’d taken on from a client as my symptoms mirrored the client’s symptoms.

After the 4 days, I resumed the Green drink. Within an hour, all of my symptoms had returned. I was confused until I figured out the Green drink was the stressor. The 2 weeks of detoxing had been too stressful for my body and my body had resorted to pain to get my attention. At first, I was sad as I’d hoped this Green drink would help my energy levels. After being off the Green drink for a week, I felt good. Really good! I began having thoughts of doing things I hadn’t thought of doing for years like playing and expending unnecessary energy. This was new and unexpected.

The energy helped me realize the Green drink is doing me good. However, because of how much recovery I still have ahead of me, I need to do things more slowly than normal people. I have decided to go deeper into awareness and try the Green drink for the first 7 days of every month. Then I will not drink it for the remaining 23 or 24 days. In this way, the Green drink can help remove the inflammation from my body without overly stressing my body by improving the alkalinity of my body. As time improves my energy levels, I can begin to increase the time I use the Green drink until I am able to use it like a normal person. There is no rush.

For the first time in my journey, I actually am accepting there is no rush and this time is for me to learn the lessons I need to learn. I am also adding play, instead of more work, into my life. This is the first time I’ve not felt like I had to add more clients and take on more responsibilities with the improved energy. I think I’m finally getting the messages the Universe has been trying to drill into me all these years. I sure hope so.


About tsandhage

I blog about my journey towards personal growth. I have been extremely ill and have been fortunate enough to find some recovery. I have taught College level computer classes, been a Massage Therapist, and a Feldenkrais Practitioner which is someone who works with the brain and nervous system to help people find more ability to function and live their lives well. Currently, I live in a RV and travel. I'm on a journey to find out more about myself. I also do photography, write, and have been married over 30 years to my marvelous husband, Jeff. I hope to post once per month. I will share about my life here. I hope you enjoy your time here. I also have a FB Group called "Therese Sandhage" where I put out daily quotes and do my best to encourage the best in all of us and a FB Page called "Gr8 Life" where I talk about what I'm doing in my RV life.
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  1. Congrats on your nomination, you have a great and informative blog


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