Love is Truth

A quicky update:  Jeff is home and my flare up seems to be dispersing well.

According to “A Course In Miracles,” the way to see everyone’s soul is to recognize that love is the only truth. Everything else is a request for help or healing. I have to say this really helped me get an understanding of how to view the entire world and all the people in it. As expected, this view is making my life even more calm.

I find the calmness very odd. I’m still not use to it. Of course, I’ve only been experiencing it for a few months. I can definitely see where there may come a time when I seek no possessions, pets, or obligations in my life. This does not mean I won’t be “doing” anything. I realize life does not have to be filled with obligations in order to be productive or provide help to others. Maybe being free of obligations leaves me more capable of helping others.

My thoughts have been chaotic this past week and I find they are still chaotic. Then there are the expanses of time when I am thinking of absolutely nothing. Those are a brand new experience! I’ve also noticed I can’t remember what conversations are about when the people involved are busy being negative or otherwise fearful about something. I remember there was a conversation and that it was lacking in positivity but I have no memory of the contents of the actual conversation. If I do any talking, I try to point out the positive. If I’m ignored or negated, I just let it pass.

Jeff has been back 1 day and I’ve noticed a big change in him as well. During this trip he seems to have found an inner calm that wasn’t there before he left. We went to Sound Meditation this morning and enjoyed it very much. Afterward, we were talking and sharing experiences and the calm and serenity of our conversation was amazing. It felt new and nice. I’m looking forward to our future together and the conversations we will continue to enjoy.


About tsandhage

I blog about my journey towards personal growth. I have been extremely ill and have been fortunate enough to find some recovery. I have taught College level computer classes, been a Massage Therapist, and a Feldenkrais Practitioner which is someone who works with the brain and nervous system to help people find more ability to function and live their lives well. Currently, I live in a RV and travel. I'm on a journey to find out more about myself. I also do photography, write, and have been married over 30 years to my marvelous husband, Jeff. I hope to post once per month. I will share about my life here. I hope you enjoy your time here. I also have a FB Group called "Therese Sandhage" where I put out daily quotes and do my best to encourage the best in all of us and a FB Page called "Gr8 Life" where I talk about what I'm doing in my RV life.
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