Try, try again

Yesterday, I could not get this to post to FB. I will try again today. I suspect some hidden coding got into yesterday’s message and caused the problem. We’ll see.

I was reading “A Course In Miracles” and it is talking about how I must see each person’s soul and completely disregard the ego part of the person. It wasn’t talking about ignoring the ego, it was talking about seeing the person’s soul so clearly that the ego part of the person doesn’t even exist for me. I believe it is possible which is the first step. I know, when I accomplish this, it will be completely amazing; not only for me but for those around me! Right now I’m figuring out how to acheive this outlook. I’m working on keeping positive thoughts in my mind at all times, really looking at what is around me and seeing it with the fresh eyes of a child, and not acknowledging anything that I normally perceive as negative as even existing. I’m not ignoring it. I’m trying to recognize it is an illusion and that I don’t have to buy into the illusion. Instead I can redirect my mind toward what I think is closer to reality or Nature as I like to call it.

Our chickens and ducks have reached 2 years of age and we are getting few eggs and, usually, no eggs. I am spending time thinking about my desire around the chickens and ducks and what I want to have happen in the future where eggs and meat are concerned. I haven’t reached enlightenment to where I no longer need food or water to survive so supplying myself with those sources is still relevant. I want to simplify in this area as right now it feels too cluttered and unnecessary.

It’s all part of the process of my life right now. What changes do I need to make in my surroundings and within myself in order to simplify my life, keep the necessary, and lower my stress towards zero as much as possible? This process is a whole life makeover. It is the largest task I’ve ever undertaken. I need my health and energy to do it and my health and energy are connected to me actually doing the simplifying. It feels like a chicken/egg scenario. My habits have been in charge for a very long time and it has not served me well in the long-term. Thankfully, the past 10+ years have taken me on a path of more awareness and I am realizing my habits must change in a major way. They must change not just with how I move physically within the world. They must also change in every aspect of how I interact with the world and within myself. It will be an interesting journey and I am beginning to get excited about it.


About tsandhage

I blog about my journey towards personal growth. I have been extremely ill and have been fortunate enough to find some recovery. I have taught College level computer classes, been a Massage Therapist, and a Feldenkrais Practitioner which is someone who works with the brain and nervous system to help people find more ability to function and live their lives well. Currently, I live in a RV and travel. I'm on a journey to find out more about myself. I also do photography, write, and have been married over 30 years to my marvelous husband, Jeff. I hope to post once per month. I will share about my life here. I hope you enjoy your time here. I also have a FB Group called "Therese Sandhage" where I put out daily quotes and do my best to encourage the best in all of us and a FB Page called "Gr8 Life" where I talk about what I'm doing in my RV life.
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